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AISG Invited Speakers

AISG 2013 is pleased to announce the following invited speakers ...

  • Olle Korsgren
    Olle Korsgren

    University of Uppsala, Sweden

    Dr. Olle Korsgren started his medical studies at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. He then received a Research Trainee Award from the Swedish Medical Research Council. After completing his thesis in 1991, he received a 4-year Research Career Award from the Swedish......Read More>>

  • Lori Sussel photo website
    Lori Sussel

    Columbia University, United States

    Dr. Lori Sussel is an Associate professor of Genetics and Development at the Naomi Berrie Center at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Sussel received her doctoral degree at Columbia University and performed her postdoctoral training at the University of California,......Read More>>