George Margelis

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Physician Informaticist with a passion for improving healthcare using information technology, Sydney, NSW

Dr George Margelis MBBS M.Optom GCEBus

George is a medical practitioner who has been deeply involved in technology for the last 30 years. Originally trained as an optometrist, graduating in 1982, he started tinkering with computers in 1981 when he bought his first PC, a Sinclair ZX80. He used this while at university and when in practice developing software for his own use and for use in his practice. He up scaled to a Commodore 64 and then an IBM PC while going back to university to study medicine.
Over the last 3 decades he has been deeply involved in both the healthcare world and the technology world, and sees a natural fit between the two. Working on projects in hospital and community care he has been at the forefront of the use of technology. During that time he has remained a staunch supporter of participatory medicine, with a strong focus on building communications between healthcare providers and consumers.
In the last decade George has been a major proponent for the use of enhanced communications between doctors and health consumers. From playing a major role in the development of an online tool for health consumers to better understand their health issues,and a personal health record introduced in 2003 till now as an active health policy blogger and speaker at local and international events.